First, the process Raw material acceptance --- raw material processing --- salt --- mixing powder --- fried --- add tomato juice --- canning --- sealing --- sterilization --- heat preservation test --- Packaging --- finished product Second, the operating point 1, raw material acceptance (1) Us
Raising crabs in the winter is beneficial to staggering the season of listing and marketing and raising the market price of crabs so as to obtain the best economic benefits. Here are some suggestions: 1. Pond requirements: an area of ​​5-10 acres, pool water level maintained at 1.5
With the onset of winter, specialized greenhouse vegetable production households will face the challenges of many natural disasters. How to deal with these challenges requires the frequent listening to the weather forecast of the local meteorological station in addition to the reinforcement of the
Seamless steel pipe standard - the national standard for seamless steel pipe, the following is a summary of some commonly used steel pipe standards. Seamless steel pipe for structural use (GB/T8162-1999) is a seamless steel pipe for general structure and mechanical structure. The seamless steel p
In the second half of this year, many foreign acquisitions of local brands were approved by the Ministry of Commerce. In June, the Ministry of Commerce approved the British liquor giant Diageo's purchase of Chinese liquor manufacturer Shuijingfang (21.69, -0.12, -0.55%); in September,
During the blue peacock egg laying period, each blue peacock should have an activity area of ​​not less than 3-4 square meters. If the density is too large and the area of ​​activity is insufficient, the blue peacocks will collide and rub against each other, making each