characteristic: The park is a fine grassland variety that has been used for many years. It has strong adaptability, strong seedlings, and strong vigor. The selection of seed quality seeds in China has the following outstanding features: ● Drought-resistant, extremely cold-resistant â—
1. Introduction to tree species Shan Duying alias lamb tree, lamb Tsai. Shan Duying is a fast-growing evergreen broad-leaved timber tree species with fast growth, good material quality, strong adaptability, easy breeding, and less pests and diseases. Several red leaves are often planted throughou
(Tilia mandshurica Rupr. et Maxim.) Eucalyptus branch. Deciduous trees, up to 20 meters, gray bark. Leaves alternate, oval, length 8-15 cm, width 7-14 cm, end acute, leaf base shallow heart-shaped, leaf margin coarsely serrate, long pointed, densely white hairs on leaves. Cymes droop, sepals 5-15
This product is a dried mature fruit of Amomum villosum Lour., Amomum villosum Lour.var.xanthioides TL Wuet Senjen or Amomum longiligulare TL Wu. Summer and autumn harvest when ripe fruit, dried or low-temperature drying. Amomum villosum is a perennial negative herb and is found in both wild and
【symptom】 Maize rough dwarf disease can develop in the whole growth period of corn. The typical symptoms are dwarfing plants, shortening internodes, clustering of parietal leaves, dark green leaves, short and stiff leaves, and uneven thickness in leaf and leaf sheath veins. Waxy whit
Arundina chinensis, also known as yucca orchid, is a large-grown blue orchid, with stems clustered, erect, unbranched; leaf blade leaflike, inflorescences terminal, erect; flowers larger, petals white, pale pink to reddish purple , But the single flower life is short, about three days. Bamboo leav
Termites and ants are harmful to potted plants. They both dry up and damage the root system of the plants, causing the plants to weaken their ability to absorb and transport nutrients, water, and eventually lead to poor plant growth, wilting and even death. Several methods for preventing ant damag