(1) Root absorption characteristics: Brassica is a shallow root crop. Roots have main roots, lateral roots, and well-developed root hairs. Most of the whole root system stretches in the top soil layer above 25 cm. Young roots have strong regeneration ability. Therefore, it is suitable for transpla
Cherry is ready for the market at the end of spring and early summer. It is the earliest mature fruit tree in the Yangtze River valley and Huaibei region. The fruit growth period is short, from flowering to harvesting takes only 40 to 60 days, the field management work is lighter and the production
Chemical weeding has the advantages of convenient use, good effect, and labor saving. However, it also has the disadvantage of polluting the ecological environment. Improper use can cause excessive pesticide residues in tea. Since weeds and tea trees are all plants, care should be taken when using
Honeysuckle, also known as Yinhua, Erhua, is distributed in most parts of the country; there are many varieties, and Guangdong produces silver flowers. The honeysuckle perennial evergreen cane-like shrubs of the family Caprifoliaceae are used for budding, flowering or vine leaves. Drug properties d
The area of ​​vegetable production in China has increased rapidly. Generally, vegetables in the mainland are nearly saturated in the market. In order to open up new sources of income, some vegetable farmers began to look at new vegetables such as pocket vegetables, flowers and vegetab
The death of cucumber is a symptom of cucumber disease. After a rain storm, watering takes too long, even rainy days, continuous cropping for a long time, high planting density, and poor drainage may occur. Prevention and treatment of the disease should be selected disease-resistant varieties, whe
How does the freeze dryer work? Freeze-drying is a technique of drying by the principle of sublimation. It is a process in which the dried substance is rapidly frozen at a low temperature, and then the frozen water molecules are directly sublimated into a water vapor