Feeds formulated with mildewed raw materials that cause acute or chronic toxic diseases after feeding chickens. Mycotoxins are the cause of the disease. Three species are known to be the most harmful to chickens: aflatoxin, brown aflatoxin, and fusarium toxin. Poisoning occurs throughout the year,
The wave-type cultivation mode is relative to the bed-type cultivation, that is, when the planting material is sown, the bed surface culture material is undulated and wavy. Implementation method: The ingredients in the early stage of production, the fermentation, the cultivation of the cultivatio
While scientifically formulating the appropriate amount of ingredients, we must pay attention to the scientific feeding of feed in order to give full play to its potential for weight gain and improve the utilization of feed. Generally, the feed amount of the growing and finishing pigs' concent
In a well-watered pond, a net cage is set up to educate the eel, and the upstream and downstream eel of the mud eel is conducive to oxygenation, and it can prevent the death of the eel's entanglement. This farming model is easy to manage, effective and efficient. 1. Environmental conditions. T