1. Pay attention to the safety index of the paper cutter and what protective measures are in place to make the operator safer. 2. Pay attention to whether the paper cutter has a slip phenomenon or not, and whether the cutting precision meets the required standard. 3,
Core Tips: First, the selection of varieties of varieties of greenhouses in our district early varieties of early maturing as early as August, August, etc., these varieties of short growth period, generally from the bud to the fruit mature only about 120 days. Through a series of management includ
Some nutritionists and health experts point out that women (especially middle-aged women) need the following five kinds of foods most: Papaya This type of tropical fruit contains twice as much vitamin C as oranges. Vitamin C protects against gallbladder disease. Flaxseeds Scientists believe that
1. Tablets: Pay attention to whether there is moisture, and produce pine flakes, discoloration or stains, such as vitamin C. The normal color is white or slightly yellowish. If the storage time is too long, or the light is oxidized to yellow brown, it means Metamorphic 2. Capsules: Capsules mainly
Summer is a period when most flowers grow vigorously, and it is also a season of hot climate, abundant rainfall, and breeding of diseases and insects. In day-to-day management, we must focus on "four defenses": Anti-heat and hot summer sunshine is strong, many flowers (such as rhododendr