The more muddy. When the tractor is working in a soft and moist field, if there is accumulated water in the field, it is necessary to go around first, cultivating the part without water, and minimize the ploughing and cultivating depth of the implement, reduce the traction resistance, and pass the
One. Material 3 eggs, 1 tsp salt, a little sugar, chopped green onion, a little raw flour. II. Practice 1, a small amount of oil in the pot, heat, pour the right amount of egg to fill the bottom of the pot, slowly fry with a small fire, fry until semi-solid state, the back end of the egg roll r
X-Rite SP 60 Portable Spectrophotometer The SP60 is an affordable portable spectrometer designed specifically for the laboratory and on-site color management. Can be used in a variety of workplaces such as color detection, live color confirmation. The SP60 is lightweight and durable. The light so
Breeding chickens should be transferred to the laying house at 18 weeks of age. Switching groups have an adverse effect on chickens. At this time, the transfer group can make the chickens well adapted to the new environment and good physique before opening. If vaccines such as Newcastle disease vir
First, the management dictates that the temperature at the beginning of the autumn season is changed, and the pest prevention and control are uninterrupted. Fall fertilizer and autumn crops, weeds and grasses to prevent drought. Second, the phenophase growth during the phenophase, flower bud morp
Slow-release fertilizer, also known as controlled-release fertilizer, can control the release rate of nutrients, release nutrients according to crop demand, extend fertilizer efficiency, maximize fertilizer use efficiency, and reduce environmental pollution. In order to explore the effect of slow-
The youngsters are sexually mature for about 5 months, and courtship behavior occurs. At this time, the pairing starts. When pairing, pay attention: 1. To prevent young pigeons with 3-4 months of age from being allocated early, we should keep the males and females separately. Generally, by the ag