Studies have shown that if you regularly eat the following five types of food, the brain will appear unresponsive, clumsy, and even memory loss and other phenomena: Salty food The physiological needs of the human body for salt are extremely low. Below 7 grams per day for adults and 4 grams per d
Most of the feed heat treatment can cause dramatic changes in the protein structure, especially the lysine, arginine, histidine, leucine and phenylalanine in the protein is destroyed, so the utilization of feed protein and Biological values ​​have also changed. Commonly used feeds, s
The first step is to spread the cooked rice husk chicken manure 20/mu in the whole shed and plunge into the soil. Then, in the planting row ditching and composting, Mu with fulvic acid, biological bacteria in Japan, "Wodi" organic fertilizer about 200 pounds, and the last time to do wolf
Under the adverse environmental conditions of low temperature, rain, and lack of sunshine in spring, tomato will suffer a large number of fruit drop and fruit drop, which will restrict the increase of tomato yield. Appropriate application of phytohormones can not only effectively prevent the abnorm
In the production, many vegetable farmers do not pay attention to see the sky, so that the cucumber infected with disease after falling. So, what kind of weather should be carried out on the cucumber? First, cloudy (snow) days are not suitable for falling vines. Because of this kind of weather, t
Recently, the author discovered that some rural households in rural areas have agricultural machinery, such as combine harvesters and rotary cultivators, placed in the open air, and some use plastic sheeting or a straw curtain. It is not known that the loss of agricultural machinery due to poor sto
Planting at selected sites: Callus dates have strong adaptability and are planted in sunny, moist, fertile soil and well-drained environments. Post-planting management: The growth of callus is slow, and the management of young trees should be strengthened. During the growth period, Jinhua No. 2 s
Land selection and site preparation: Should choose flat, warm sunny, well-drained, easy to irrigate the flat or gentle slope. Put the seedlings into the pit, cover the roots, and shake the seedlings gently. The planting depth should be appropriate to the rootstock of the seedlings. After planting,
Peanut is a high-protein oil crop. Its nutritional value is very high. It contains about 30 percent of protein, which is twice that of wheat and three times that of rice. It is comparable to eggs and milk. Ancient nutritionists in China described peanuts as "longevity fruit." Think it has