The certified weight standard of a rabbit is 2 kg. This is because: After the birth of Rex rabbits, the period of hair exchange is before 2 kg, that is, 2 kg before it belongs to the hair-change period. This is a characteristic of rabbits that are different from rabbits and rabbits. Rex rabbits in
Insect-resistant cotton has effectively controlled the damage of bollworm, the number of shedding of bolls has been greatly reduced, her reproductive growth has been vigorous, her bells have been early and many, and the peak of fertility is required to be fast and fierce. If traditional methods of
In the process of vegetable planting, vegetable farmers often resort to rotating measures to overcome continuous cropping obstacles and reduce the occurrence of diseases. The following four principles should be followed when arranging vegetable rotations: According to the different principles of
In order to obtain the ideal breeding efficiency, specialized breeding pigs of cross-breeding pigs must choose cross-breeding pigs that are resistant to roughage, early maturation, easy feeding, early slaughter, and high lean meat percentage. In order to meet the market demand, it is best to choos