The tiller is a small-scale tillage machine commonly used in rice cultivation areas in China. Due to its simple structure, convenient operation, low price, and strong adaptability, supporting plows, plows, and pails can be used for the whole process of ploughing operations. Therefore, it has been
The magic corn toy from South Korea is made of corn starch without any glue. The product is safe and environmentally friendly. When the product meets the water, it binds naturally and the child can shape different animal and plant images according to his own imagination. Because the product uses pla
The scorpion venomous liquid can be easily degraded at room temperature, and can only be stored for about half a month in the refrigerator. Therefore, it must be processed into a dry poison powder before it can be stored and applied for a long time. The processing method is: first liquid scorpion p
First, select good varieties to choose to adapt to the weather in the town of Jonathan, good high yield, good quality, good commercial quality purple peas peas. The average yield per mu is 800-1000 kg. Second, the choice of soil selection of loose soil, rich in organic matter, good drainage and ir
First, the use of systemic pesticides such as insecticides such as anti-indolyl, quinoxaline, diflubenzuron, kaffoldin, etc., green copper lactate, dexamethasone, diterpenoid, carbendazim, triadimefon, thiophanate, With fungicides such as Rhizoctonia and Susacon, 4 to 5 hours after application of s