The current growth of cucumber pods is faster, coupled with a small temperature difference, the plant's stems and leaves grow faster. Some shanty households are afraid that they are desperate to get out of trouble, so they will fall too low (about 1.3 meters) at a time. Originally, they will ha
The technology for raising blue crabs in seawater aquaculture ponds can overcome all the above drawbacks. At the same time, it will be convenient to observe the growth of green crabs and the advantages of arresting them. The technical points for raising crabs in seawater aquaculture ponds are as fo
At present, most people use pesticides in order to increase their effectiveness in the use of pesticides. However, if you use it, it is very easy to cause phytotoxicity. How to determine whether it belongs to phytotoxicity through investigation and analysis, now introduce the following methods: 1.
Peanut sprouts are a new type of pollution-free high-grade vegetable dish newly developed. The peanut-based sprouts are produced using the new method of foam box soilless cultivation. They can be produced all year round. No fertilizers and pesticides are needed during the production process. No po
Citron is rich in vitamins, a variety of essential trace elements, and has a high health care function, delicious and delicious, and is deeply loved by people. Toona sinensis sprouts are produced in three ways: sub-sprouts, seedling vegetables, and body sprouts. I. Production of Toona sinensis Sp