Corn open top refers to the fact that the ears of the ears of the corn are shorter than the rachis and the cobs cannot be covered, leaving part of the rachis exposed. After the top of the corn is exposed, some of the seeds will be damaged by birds, resulting in reduced yields. Therefore, the occur
The calculation of the feed intake of layer chickens: the number of days equal to the number of days per day before 10 days of age plus 2; the number of days equal to the number of days per day at the age of 11-20 days plus 1; the number of days per day equal to the age of 21-50 days. The daily eq
Cherry tomatoes in addition to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium fertilizer, pay attention to increase calcium, boron fertilizer. The production of 1,000 kilograms of cherry tomatoes requires 3.85 kilograms of pure nitrogen, 1.15 kilograms of phosphorus pentoxide, and 4.44 kilograms of potassium oxi
Carrots contain a variety of vitamins, especially vitamin A. Feeding chickens with carrots can significantly increase chicken egg production. When feeding chickens, simply wash and chop the carrots and mix them in the feed. The method is simple and convenient. Tests have shown that the addition
Since the beginning of spring, most of Yunnan has warmed up rapidly, and the breeding tendency of locusts has accelerated significantly. The locusts that damage the rape in the province mainly include radish sprouts, cabbage sprouts, and peach aphids. Since the peach aphid prefers the back and stem
Putian period fertilization. The fertilization in the field should be based on the seedlings as the benchmark, to increase the nitrogen content of the seedling leaves. Appropriate to increase the amount of basal fertilizer. Rice 4 leaf 1 began to give birth at the heart stage, and nitrogen fertiliz
The most important feature of duck breeds in China is that there is no nesting, egg production is high, and the egg production rate can be maintained for more than 90% for 20 weeks. The egg production rate in the entire main production period is basically stable at more than 80%. This egg laying ab