1. Try not to get vaccinated. All immunization of chickens should be carried out before the start of production; if the vaccine is given during the laying period, a relatively strong stress response will be added to the fragile body of the flock, so that the chicken The egg production rate of the
Walnut kernels are rich in fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and various minerals and vitamins. They have the functions of nourishing the lungs and intestines, treating cold coughs, and treating pain in the waist and knees. They are ideal health foods. At present, except for canned products, there are
Sheep heat stroke is a general term for sunstroke and heat stroke. Sunradish disease is due to the sheep's head being exposed to direct sunlight and causing acute lesions of the brain and meningeal hyperemia. Heat stroke is caused by the weather being hot and humid, and the body's heat pro
This standard is equivalent to ISO/CD 13821, This standard is based on ISO/CD 13821, in accordance with Tappi (American Pulp and Paper Industry Technology Association) T 811--88, Added the precision requirements of the test. This standard is the method for measuring
Solanaceous vegetables mainly include tomatoes, sweet peppers and eggplants. The main characteristics of fertilization are: firstly, the yield is high, and the amount of fertilizer is large; second, organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer are required to be applied in combination; N, P, K fertil
Mr. Chen from Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, asked that the effect of applying the fungus fertilizer on greenhouse vegetables he planted was good, but there was no effect when applied in corn fields. Why is this? Answer: The main effect of the fungus fertilizer is to activate soil nutrients or
Biopotash fertilizer is a new type of stimulation agent, namely silicate bacteria. It has two types of formulations: First, peat formulations, the appearance of a black powdery solid, loose moisture, water content of about 30%; the other is a liquid formulation, appearance milky, cloudy, slightly s