Guyuan cream helps improve blood levels Adequate blood and smooth meridian are the most basic conditions for physical survival and health. It will not change with the changes of the times, the improvement of material life, and the change of social status. Like a tree, whether it is ancient or mod
Feeding suckling piglets is one of the important aspects of pig production. At present, in the production practice of raising piglets, the main problem is the low survival rate and slow weight gain of the piglets. In order to solve this problem, we should grasp the physiological characteristics of
In the winter, you must pay attention to the following items in order to allow the cattle to spend the winter better. 1, pay attention to do a good job before the winter to use the autumn is not cold, not hot cows have good appetite, grazing should use good grass. If a cow eats well and absorbs mo
The intravenous injection site of the pig is in the large ear vein on the back of the ear. First use a hose or rope to tie the roots of the pig's ears. You can also use your hands to grip the roots of your ears and tap your ears back to expand the veins. Wipe with 3% to 5% iodine or 70% alcohol
What pregnant women eat is good for baby's skin 1, vegetables: broccoli, carrots can enhance the skin's ability to resist damage, help maintain skin elasticity, maintain normal function of skin cells. 2, soy products: milk can improve the activity of skin cells, soybeans can not only dam
First, after the diesel engine works, due to the external environment temperature is too low, put the cooling water should be carried out after the stoppage of the water temperature after 15 minutes, not immediately, otherwise it will be because the airframe and the external environment temperature
In production, picking leaves is a necessary technical measure in the management of tomatoes. Reasonable picking leaves can effectively improve the ventilation and light transmission between rows and promote the transformation of tomatoes. In the middle and late stages of tomato growth, the base l
The current temperature is getting lower and lower, and many times we are not willing to go out to exercise, so for a long time, we have accumulated a lot of feces in our stomach. However, we can't often use drugs to detoxify drugs. What kind of methods can be used to eliminate rubbish from th
The use of light to treat human diseases is a very old method. Sunlight has been used to treat diseases as early as thousands of years ago in countries such as China. As a new type of light source, LED has gradually been recognized by people as its biological effect, and is now being gradu