Monkey face flower

<p> Scientific name: Mimulus luteus

Alias: Jinhuagou Physalis, Ditch Physalis

Family is: Scrophulariaceae, Physalis

Origin: Native South American Chile.

Ecological characteristics: Perennial herb, 30-40 cm high. The stalks are thick, hollow and take root at the roots. The leaves are opposite, broadly ovoid, nearly equal in length and width, and slightly narrow in the upper part. Sparse racemes, inflorescences opposite in leaf axils, funnelform, yellow, often with purplish red patches or spots. The seed is small. The cultivar's corolla background is different shades of yellow, with red, purple and brown spots of various sizes and shapes.

Growth habits: like the cold weather, more resistant to cold, but can not be affected by freezing, winter tolerance 2 °C low temperature. Hi damp, hi light enough. Growing well on fertile soil. April-May flowering.

All other species of flowers: Chilean Drainage M. Cupreus, plants clustered, more rounded. The flower is yellow when it is first opened and it turns bright yellow. Variants are bright red, dark purple, red and other colors, and brown spots. Polychrome Grow M. Variegatus, shorter plants, larger flowers. The throat is usually white, and the middle lobe of the lower lip has two yellow stripes with brown spots on it. The lobes are red-purple and the back is pink. Gardening varieties are orange red, red and other colors, and there are various shapes spots. Honghuagou Pear M. Cardinalis, plant height 30-90 cm. Leaves ovate, cuspidate, base amplexicaul. Flower red or red, yellow, flower-shaped, upper lip valgus.麝香沟酸浆 M. Rnoschatus, perennial herb, stoloniferous, odoriferous.


Gully sulphate is low in shape, with a large, bright, speckled and beautiful flower. Strong moisture resistance. Suitable for flower beds and potted flowers.

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