How to Control Ants in Potted Flowers

Termites and ants are harmful to potted plants. They both dry up and damage the root system of the plants, causing the plants to weaken their ability to absorb and transport nutrients, water, and eventually lead to poor plant growth, wilting and even death. Several methods for preventing ant damage are introduced.

Elimination of ant sources

Potted flowers should be kept away from ants. If ants have been found in pots and soils, they will first follow the ants' crawling route to find ant nests and destroy them by flooding, burning and spraying. Then sprinkle some lime on the ant nest and ant's crawling route to prevent the ants from harming again.

Physical control

1. When applying basal fertilizer or organic fertilizer, it must use fully fermented, decomposed organic fertilizer. Do not use raw or semi-cooked fertilizer, so as not to cause ants to find food.

2. The excreta of insects such as flies, moths, aphids, and cockroaches that remain on the surface of leaf surfaces are likely to attract ants to seek food. Therefore, the leaves must be sprayed with clean water to keep them clean. At the same time, the ground should be frequently cleaned to maintain the cleanliness of the potted plants, in order to prevent odorous substances from attracting ants.

3. Immersion in water to remove potted flowers that have been damaged by ants, slowly into the bucket filled with water (deep water flooded basin soil can be) soaked for 30 to 60 minutes. The ants can't withstand the flooding and will crawl out of the basin. At this time, the ants floating on the water and climbing on the stems and leaves of the potted plants can be eliminated.

4. Garlic pests are peeled with garlic, smashed, and the debris is buried in pots and soil. The ants cannot escape by fumigation of garlic gas.

5. The most effective way to remove the plants that have nested in the roots is to turn the pots in the basin and destroy all the ants. The roots of the plants were washed again, and potted plants were planted in a sterilized new potted soil.

Chemical control

1. Disinfection of pots and soils Potted soils were sterilized with 40% formalin, 65% zein zinc powder, 50% carbendazim powder and other agents before killing the pots and ants. Its eggs.

2. Buried medicine soil with 50% trichlorfon wettable powder 1 and 50 sieved fine soil mix well into the medicine soil, and then the medicine soil equidistantly buried in basin soil to eliminate ants.

3. Watering liquid is not suitable for hot weather, plants with poorly buried and unimpaired soil, or plants with serious damage, or plants where ants have nested in pots and soils, with 50% of Phoxim EC 10 g watered 500 to 1000 Grams, or use 1000 grams of fresh water mixed with 40% dimethoate emulsion 5 to 10 grams of formulated liquid, the liquid poured into the pot soil and ant place, and then use a plastic bag to seal the entire pot for 12 hours, can be all The ants all kill.

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