Eight ways of artificial milking

1, take 150 grams of mutton cut into pieces, add water cooked, together with the soup to feed quail, 2 times a day, even feed 2 days.

2, soy milk cooked to participate in oyster sauce, even feed 2 days, milk volume increased significantly.

3. Take 150g of peanuts, 2 eggs, add water to cook, feed twice, feed once a day, 2 days.

4, take 100 grams of shrimp, participate in the right amount of flour, boiled aunt and fed twice, the third day on the milk.

5, with 50 grams of rice wine, 30 grams of brown sugar, 1 egg, after mixing, quail feeding in the palatability feeding.

6, chopped cucumber vines, boiled in bean juice, and even fed 2" 3 days, fed 2 times a day.

7, take 100 grams of kelp, soaked chopped and chopped, add 30 grams of animal oil, 30 grams of milk powder, add water and heat even soup, juice together to feed quail, feed 1 time in the morning, 2 days can be.

8, can be used 1 oxytocin, divided into 4 intramuscular injections, once every 2 days, 1 time per day; while feeding the quail milk, small fish and a small amount of cornmeal porridge.

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