Honggang Sheng——Operation principle of double spiral conical mixer

Nanjing Honggangsheng Machinery Equipment Factory has been committed to the development of equipment technology in the fields of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and electronics. It mainly produces a series of products such as pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery, chemical machinery and heat equipment, and various non-standard refrigeration products. (Frozen) fresh storage and various types of stainless steel products, but also the majority of users design and manufacture a variety of non-standard equipment.

The barrel of the double spiral conical mixer is usually inverted cone-shaped, and there are two asymmetric lifting spirals inside. When the materials are mixed, the two spirals rotate to produce lifting force to the material, so the material moves with the spiral to the upper part of the cylinder. The depressions meet and fall, filling the material at the bottom of the mixer, and then being lifted by the spiral to form a reciprocating process.

When the double-helical conical mixer is in operation, the arm will rotate at a slow speed, pushing the material that has not entered the spiral, and entering the stud at different heights, so that the materials in the barrel can be mixed and stirred in all directions. Speed ​​up the renewal and diffusion of materials. The bottom of the double-spiral conical mixer is designed with a misalignment valve, which also reduces the dead angle of the material in the mixing and mixing.

Silicone Vibrator

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