Onion Field Management Three Tips

When fertilization plants grow faster, they should top-up a “foliar manure” and apply 1500–2000 kg of farmyard manure per acre and 20–25 kg of superphosphate. If the soil fertility is high and the base fertilizer is sufficient, the fertilizer can be postponed appropriately. Fertilizer can be changed to 750 kg human waste or 100 kg grass ash, 30 kg ammonium humic acid, 30 kg superphosphate, combined with deep fertilizer.锄 锄 进行 进行 进行 进行 进行 进行 进行 进行 进行 进行 进行 soil, then watering. After the White Dew Festival, it enters the period of vigorous growth of the scallion, which is the key period for the development of welsh onion production. It should be combined with watering to apply “strong manure” twice, each applying 15-20 kg of urea and 10-15 kg of potassium sulphate. Applying to the rows, watering after shallow cultivating, in order to speed up the absorption and utilization of fertilizer.
Watering at the end of summer and autumn, the field management center is to promote the root, watering should be carried out due to the weather, in addition to the long sunny and not rain, under normal circumstances should pay attention to control the water, rain after the flood control, to prevent rot, yellow leaves and dead seedlings . At the same time, strengthen the cultivator and promote root growth. Between the beginning of autumn and Bailu, the principle of light pouring, watering in the morning and evening should be mastered in irrigation. After the white dew, green onions enter the peak of growth, and irrigation should be based on the principles of pouring and re-watering. Pour water once every 4 to 6 days. After the frost falls, the temperature drops, the onion basically grows, the water requirement decreases, and the soil is kept moist. Watering was stopped 5 to 7 days before harvest to reduce the moisture content of the onion, in order to facilitate the harvest and prolong the storage period.
Soil management combined with water and fertilizer management also requires scientific training. Soil cultivation is an important measure to soften leaf sheaths, prevent lodging, and increase light blue yield and quality. From the beginning of the autumn to the harvest, the soil is usually cultivated three times. The former two times combined with the cultivator, the ridge soil will be plunged into the onion ditch, and the ditch will be filled after the summer heat. The height of each cultivating earth shall be determined according to the height of the growth of the pseudo-stem, and each time 3 to 4 cm, the soil shall be cultured to the leaves of the uppermost blade, and the heart shall not be buried to prevent the leaves from decaying.

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