"Soy Milk Gate" upgrade real skill and Yonghe are also caught

"Soy Milk Gate" Upgrade Real Kung Fu and Yonghe are Deeply Into It Soymilk has entered a new phase. Yesterday, another two well-known fast food companies, Yonghe Soymilk and Kungfu, were exposed to soymilk powder. Interestingly, although both companies admitted that the soymilk sold was made from soymilk powder, the frontline clerk also vowed that the soymilk was "fresh."

Survey: The company acknowledged the clerk did not recognize

The first one to smash Yonghe Soymilk was a Yonghe soya-bean milk shop waiter from Henan Middle Road, Henan Province. When the local asked whether there was a sale of ground soybean milk in the store, she answered bluntly: “While the soybean milk that is used for grinding beans is now, it is soybean milk powder. Red."

According to the information displayed on the website of Yonghe Soy Milk, there are currently eight stores in the Beijing area. Dialed Yizhuang shop phone inquiries. The clerk revealed that although the soybean milk powder was sold in the shop, the milk sold in the shop was freshly ground. This statement differs from yesterday’s statement of Yonghe Soy Milk Company’s headquarters. Relevant person in charge of Yonghe Soybean Foods catering headquarters has stated to the media that Yonghe Soy Milk Store uses self-produced soybean milk powder to make water.

Another Chinese snack that fell into the soymilk door made a statement last night stating that the soymilk sold in the store was made from soymilk powder. But yesterday afternoon, real kung fu at the Beijing Railway Station purchased a glass of iced soybean milk, and asked the clerk if he was grinding. He got a positive answer. "I thought you were using soy milk powder too." Hearing this sentence, the clerk laughed without saying anything.

Broke the news: breakfast soy milk is also red

“Every day I go to work to buy a cup of soy milk from the morning stalls, will it be milk powder red?” Mr. Wang said the public, he passed through the morning stalls are selling “freshly ground soybean milk”, knowing that these things are worried. Mr. Wang’s fears are not excessive. It seems that the use of soy milk powder to soak milk has become a hidden rule in the food and beverage industry. A catering industry veteran revealed that the freshly ground soymilk in the breakfast shop was actually brewed with milk powder. “Fee work, water fee, and electricity fee are not necessarily good tastes and are not helpful. Besides, how can a small breakfast stall cost so much money to buy a soybean milk machine?”

In fact, in addition to soymilk, news has been reported from time to time in recent years that many beverages are made from brewed cola, such as cola concentrate with cola concentrate, and fruit juices with solid powders such as Guozhen. In July of this year, a batch of Coca-Cola stock solution had detected excessive preservatives in Taiwan, and according to Coca-Cola, the stock was sold to a cup of Coca-Cola for sale.

Homemade cup of soy milk costs about two hairs

Taking real kung fu as an example, a cup of about 300 ml of soy milk costs 5 yuan. The price of 300 grams of soybean milk powder sold on Taobao is 7 yuan, can be equipped with 1.8 liters of water, can churn out 7 cups of 300 ml cup of soybean milk, the average price of each cup of soybean milk is about 1 yuan.

Homemade soybean milk with a soymilk at home, approximately 70 grams of soybeans added 1.3 liters of water, you can get about 1.5 liters of milk, according to the amount of 300 ml cup, you can get 5 cups of milk. At present, the price of soybeans in supermarkets is about RMB 78 per kilogram. According to this calculation, the cost of making a cup of soy milk is around RMB 0.2.

As such, the cost of freshly ground soybean milk is not high. However, one catering industry source said that the cost cannot be counted as soybeans. “Water, electricity, equipment, rent, and labor have to be counted in. It is still more expensive than using soybean milk powder. Moreover, if it is not properly preserved, the freshly ground product is very It's easy to have problems. Who can afford this responsibility?"

In addition, we have also confirmed the high cost of freshly ground soybean milk from Yonghe, who has been using soymilk as its main product.

Mr. Wang, the relevant person in charge of Yonghe King’s Northern District, said yesterday that each of their stores has a dedicated soya-bean milk room and special equipment. The input cost is huge. Soybean milk is freshly ground, using non-genetically modified soybeans, and no additives are added. "There must be a soy milk room in the design drawings, otherwise it cannot be passed."

Also the main soy milk, "Yonghe King" and "Yonghe milk" completely different approach.

1 cup brewed milk costs a few cents

Yesterday, on the grounds of proofing the purchase of soybean milk, unannounced visits to several beverage smelting powder shops on the People's Road revealed that soybean milk powder at different prices was found on the market.

A shopkeeper revealed that many soybean milk chain stores and food and beverage outlets use soybean milk powder to brewing soybean milk, and soy milk sold at roadside stalls is mostly made from soybean milk powder. Compared with freshly ground soymilk, soymilk powder can be used for a shorter time, lower cost, and better taste. The shopkeeper also promised to say, "If you want to buy it, I will show you three certificates. These soymilk powders have passed the quality inspection and are harmless to the human body. They are three to five boxes when they come to purchase!"

As you can see, this shop sells two kinds of soybean milk powder, both of which have QS quality and safety certificates. One type of soybean milk powder is 300 grams, and it costs 8 yuan. According to the instructions, 8 yuan milk powder can be prepared 10 cups of 200 ml soy milk, each cup of milk 0.8 yuan.

In another shop, a kind of soymilk powder made by Shanghai Food Co., Ltd. was found to have a more surprising blending ratio. This kind of soybean milk powder is priced at 20 yuan for 1,000 grams, and its packaging shows a modulation ratio of 1:25. To the shopkeeper, they questioned whether the proportion of brewed soybean milk could be mellow. The owner secretly disclosed the Cheats: There was an early shop owner. To prepare a cup of 250 ml of soy milk, only 10 grams of the soybean milk powder was used, and 1,000 grams of soybean milk could be brewed. Each cup of soybean milk only requires 0.2 yuan of soy milk powder, plus water, cups, etc., cost up to 0.4 yuan / cup, the price is up to 1.5 yuan, almost earned turned over!

The best use of milk powder

At present, soymilk rushed out of soybean milk is still sold normally at the above-mentioned fast food restaurants. However, some consumers already feel that they cannot accept this fact. The public, Miss Yang, said that she would not drink KFC's soymilk anymore. “Not as good as I would be soaking myself at home. At a cost of 7 cents, changing a cup would increase 9 times. It’s completely pit father. Ah.” But there are also consumers who say that buying soy milk in fast food restaurants is a frustrating move. Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Yang, who was eating at the Beijing Kungfu Kungfu store, said that he had already known that the soybean milk powder rushed into the milk. “But you can't bring a cup with you. You can buy it with you. It's better than drinking carbonated drinks.”

However, in random visits, there was no restaurant that explicitly stated the use of soy milk powder. Regarding this, some citizens have stated that it is best to tell customers in a striking position that soymilk is made from soymilk powder so as not to mislead consumers. "I can't stand this kind of psychological fall," said Miss Yang.

Expert explanation:

"Soybean milk powder and fresh soybean milk are safe to eat from soybeans, but excessive amounts of soya milk defoamers are harmful," said the director of the Center for Nutrition and Food at the Hangzhou CDC.

Because soybean milk powder is processed by soybeans, it can be eaten with confidence. If milk powder is similar to fresh milk, soybean milk powder and fresh soybean milk can be safely eaten, but the nutritional value is slightly different.

"Soy milk must be cooked before it is ready for drinking", which is a special consideration.

Due to the presence of saponin, trypsin inhibitors, and vitamin A inhibitors in raw soybean milk, there is also bean odor and the like. Among them, saponin has a strong irritant to the digestive tract mucosa, which can cause congestion, swelling and hemorrhagic inflammation, and nausea. Symptoms of poisoning such as vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain; trypsin inhibitor itself is a protein that selectively binds to trypsin to form a stable complex that inactivates trypsin, resulting in the hydrolysis of proteins to amino acids. Inhibition inhibits the digestion, absorption, and utilization of protein in the diet and reduces the nutritional value of soymilk. Vitamin A inhibitors can oxidize and destroy carotenoids and affect the absorption of nutrients.

In addition, raw soybean milk is rich in protein, fat, and carbohydrates, and is an ideal condition for the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, soy milk must be boiled thoroughly. When soymilk is boiled, it is also necessary to remove the floating foam and then boil it for about 5 minutes with slow fire so that the harmful substances are completely decomposed and destroyed, and microorganisms are killed.

It is well-known that the addition of edible defoamers within the country's allowable range is not harmful to health. Excessive amounts, like other food additives, are hazardous. It is also harmful if industrial defoamers are added.

It is reported that industrial defoamers are widely used in coatings, paints, paper, petroleum and other industries, due to their low purity, and contain heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, and human health hazards. Lead is a consumable metal that can cause chronic lead poisoning and can cause damage to the nervous system, blood system, cardiovascular system, and skeletal system. Arsenic can cause changes in the human nervous system, such as numbness in hands and feet, weakness in limbs, and so on.

The Hangzhou CDC recommends that consumers consciously drink homemade plant protein beverages. If they want to drink, they must choose the QS logo beverages that are produced by regular manufacturers through advanced equipment. Such products have strict hygiene and quality assurance. When the homemade home-made soybean milk is used, it is only necessary to remove the above foam during the cooking process.

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