The reason and prevention of corn top

Corn open top refers to the fact that the ears of the ears of the corn are shorter than the rachis and the cobs cannot be covered, leaving part of the rachis exposed. After the top of the corn is exposed, some of the seeds will be damaged by birds, resulting in reduced yields. Therefore, the occurrence of corn tops should be minimized.

Corn tops are caused by unbalanced growth of corn at various stages. While the cotyledons and cobs of maize ears develop and grow at the same time, the temporal lobes first stop growing. When the corn leaves grow when the corn is exposed to drought, or long-term rainy weather, the light and temperature are insufficient for photosynthesis, which results in slow growth and insufficient growth of the temporal leaves, and does not grow to the proper length. The normal growth of the rear rachis will exceed the temporal lobe. The length leads to the top.

Prevention of corn dew top is mainly to strengthen fertilizer and water management. One is to apply early panicle fertilizer, apply panicle fertilizer before and after pumping males, and the other is to prevent drought. It is necessary to prevent water shortage at the heading stage of the female ear to ensure normal growth of the loquat leaves.

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