Processing points of Yangmei fermented liquor

(1) Process flow. Raw material selection → cleaning → stranded juice → heating → fermentation → feeding → storage → bottling → sterilization.

(2) Operation points.

1 raw materials, the use of juice, multi-nuclear, fresh and ripe red bayberry, remove stems, remove impurities.

2 Wash, rinse with flowing water for 10 to 15 minutes, wash away dirt and other impurities, drain water.

3 Jiao Zhi, raw materials into the barrel or cylinder smashed, and then use a clean gauze Jiao Zhi, about 100 kg of bayberry about 70 kg of juice can be rewound.

4 heating, the juice is poured into an aluminum pan heated to 70 ~ 75 °C (can not use iron pan), after 15 minutes to coagulate protein and other impurities.

5 Fermentation, after the juice is cooled, the upper clear liquid is sucked out with a suction pipe and transferred to the fermentation tank (all the utensils before fermentation must be sterilized and sterilized, that is, the sulfur burning and smoking for 8 to 10 hours), and 2 to 3 kg for each 100 kg of fruit juice. Stir well cover the cylinder head, keep the room temperature at 25 ~ 28 °C, 3 ~ 4 days of alcohol up to 5 ~ 6.

6 Adding material, the fermented wine is sucked into a separate cylinder or bucket by a straw. According to the degree of alcoholicity after fermentation, 60 to 65 white spirits are added to achieve a liquor level of 20, and then 10% to 20% sucrose is added to stir. Cover it evenly.

7 Storage, store at a temperature of 10-15 °C for 2 months, then change the barrel again.

8 Bottling, filtering the wine with gauze and filling it into a bottle.

9 Sterilization, even after bottle disinfection in hot water above 70 °C for 10 minutes, you can eat.

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