Lily Disease Prevention

Lily prefers a cool and humid climate, and should be cultivated in soils with high levels of slightly acidic, fertile, and humus. Plots require good drainage and avoid water accumulation; summer requires half-negative environment, not heat-resistant; avoid continuous cropping.

One, bulbs and scales rot disease. Symptoms are slow plant growth and light green leaves. The underground stems show brown, dark brown spots that gradually infect the interior of the stem and then rot and cause the plants to die. Dark brown spots appear shallow to dark at the edges of the scales, and the bulb tissue begins to rot. Control method: Put the bulb in a mixed solution of 600 times liquid of prohexine and 300 times of seedling green. Soak for 3 minutes. The soaking time of bulbs that have already emerged is slightly shorter; the soil is loosened 1-2 days before sowing. , Simultaneously spread the Pharmacy carbendazim (1:2) into the soil.

Second, blight. In early stages of infection, light brown spots appear on the bulbs, leaves, young stems, and leaves of the shoots in the soil, affecting plant growth. In severe cases, the sprouting is slow and the young leaves are damaged. The growth is slow and the flowering is poor. Control methods: seed ball and soil disinfection, the use of fungicides at the onset of disease control.

Third, the leaves coke dry. Symptoms of early onset, young leaves curled slightly inwards, yellow green to white spots appeared a few days later. When severe, the spots turn brown and the leaves bend and even fall off. Control methods: Select disease resistant varieties and roots with good bulbs; soil should be moist before planting, suitable planting depth, and maintain a stable relative humidity. Maintain lower temperatures early to avoid excessive plant growth.

Fourth, buds and flower buds dry. Symptoms, when the flower buds grow to 1-2 cm, the flower buds turn pale green and the junction between the stalk and the stem is tightened, and the flower buds fall. Control methods: Select light-insensitive flower varieties, use effective light-filling measures, and fill light from 50% emergence. The daily light time should be maintained at 16 hours, and fill 20 watts per square meter until flower buds grow. It takes 6-7 weeks until natural light reaches 16 hours to stop filling light.

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