Green manure

Field cultivation of Chinese milk vetch can fertilize and improve soil, improve water retention and fertilizer retention, reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, improve the quality of agricultural products, and increase economic efficiency. Ziyunying high yield cultivation points:

1. Make preparations before sowing and sow at the right time. The former crop of Ziyunying planted in my county is mainly single-season late rice. Before sowing, combined with late rice paddy fields, ditch drainage, until the field water is dry, and the soil is kept wet after sowing, which is advantageous for early emergence, emergence of seedlings, and multiple emergence. Ziyunying is a spring crop that grows slowly in winter and should not be planted too late. Generally, it is more appropriate to plant seeds between white dew and autumnal equinox, that is, sowing in mid-to-late September. After the rice is hooked and sown, it should be sown in the morning after the rice leaves have been completely dehydrated to prevent the seeds from sticking to the leaves and leaves of the rice and affecting the sediment.

2, choose good grass seeds, seed treatment. In recent years, most of the farmers in our county have reported that it is better to plant the grass in Ningbo Fenghua Bridge. To plant one day before sowing can increase the germination rate of Ziyunying. Wipe the seed and put it in the rice mill. One day before sowing, soak the seeds overnight and pick up and dry. Mu with calcium magnesium phosphate 8 seed dressing, add 5kg fine sand and spread after sowing.

3, do a good job of fertilizer management, covering straw. Ziyunying is hi humid, afraid of drought and afraid of waterlogging. Throughout the growing period, the soil should be guaranteed to have a certain degree of humidity, so that the field can discharge energy. After the late rice is harvested, it is necessary to open a cross ditch and a ring field ditch. The ditch can communicate with each other; heavy rain does not accumulate water; When the soil is white, we should timely fill the "Happy Valley" moist soil to meet the growth requirements of the Chinese milk vetch. Paddy fields with poor fertility should be top-dressed with fertilizers 1-2 times, and “small fertilizers and fertilizers” can significantly increase the yield of green manure. Fertilization was divided into three stages: base fertilizer, pre-winter fertilizer and spring fertilizer. After the late rice is harvested, due to the gradual decrease of the temperature and the occurrence of frost, it is easy to cause freeze-dried seedlings of the Ziyunying seedlings.

4, with good pest control, timely harvest; Ziyun Ying main diseases and pests during the growth of two diseases (powdery disease, sclerotinia disease), two insects (Homoptera, leaf miner flies). The use of pesticides should be guided by local agricultural technicians. Ziyun Ying mainly uses three forms: direct abdomen, Qingcun feed, and ploughing. The ploughing must be timely and the plough yield is not high and the fertilizer efficiency is low. In addition, fresh grass ploughs are tender and have low nitrogen content and high water content. If the plow is too late, although the yield is high, the cellulose and lignin in the fresh grass increase, and the plants are aged, which is not conducive to rot decomposition, and the fertilizer efficiency is also low. Therefore, Ziyunying is generally suitable for plowing at full flowering period, and the amount of green weight per mu is preferably 1000-1500kg.

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