Bai Bai, fish and duck co-culture technology

There are five major advantages in the technology of co-inoculation with white fish, fish, and duck: First, after fish farming and duck rearing in the white field, farmers are forced to use low-toxicity and low-residue pesticides. This production of alfalfa can be used as a pollution-free vegetable, and the quality of white meat can be reduced. The second is to improve the utilization of land and water resources; the third is to fish, ducks eat food weeds in the field, ineffective childbirth and white base pests (such as long-green fly locusts, locusts, etc.), reduce pests and grass Harmful, reducing the number and amount of pesticides used; Fourth, duck dung can be used as a feed for fish; Fifth, the production of "wild duck" tender, delicious, high prices. The technical essentials are as follows:

Selection of plots: It is necessary to choose lands with good irrigation and irrigation conditions and deep and fertile soils for joint breeding.

Cultivation method: According to the width of 1.2 meters wide, 40 cm wide, 25 cm deep to make a good hoe, the mud dug out in the ditch evenly spread on the surface, per acre planted white 1000-1300 bundle is appropriate, over Closeness affects the fish culture, while thinning affects the white yield. Wide and narrow lines are used to cultivate white fish, which can create a favorable space for fish growth. Dig 2 fish ponds with a length of 2 meters, a width of 1 meter, and a depth of 1 meter per acre. The fish communicates to the fish pit and forms a “10” or “well” shape. Do a good job of avoiding flood ditch, flood control ditch, reinforce and raise the field hoe, and be able to discharge freely.

Frying seedlings: In late March, 350 catfish seedlings and 50 grass carp seedlings are suitable for each acre. Fine green larch is used as an auxiliary feed for fish feed, and wheat bran, rice bran, bean cake, bean curd residue, and cabbage cake are used as the concentrate feed. Set point, ration, timing (takes 20 minutes to finish) feeding. Fish were disinfected with 5% saline before the fry was released. After the fry are stocked, they should always inspect the water snakes for harm. Once discovered, they must be killed in time. Before and after the end of the year, field fish can be listed in batches.

Reasonable use of fertilizers and pesticides: This is the guarantee of the quality of fishy whites and the safety of fish and ducks. For the control of cockroaches, pests such as Bt, Schneillin, imidacloprid, buprofezin, and Tribulus terrestris can be used. For the control of alfalfa disease, triadimefon, carbendazim, thiophanate and other pesticides can be used. When applying pesticides, it is advisable to keep the depth of surface water about 3 centimeters, which should not be too light. Before the emergence of 2000 kilograms of organic fertilizer per acre basis, Mushi special fertilizer or compound fertilizer about 50 kg, fertilization time in mid-March, after seeing Miao Shi applied fertilizer.

Duck raising technology: In early July, male ducklings were purchased, and they were raised at home for half a month to improve their living ability. Then they were stocked on the farmland in Pak Pak Tin to prevent rat damage. The duck density is preferably 12-14 per mu. Before the ducks are stocked, the center of the field must use a shelter of about 3 square meters for the ducks to use during heavy rain and rest in the evening. If a small area is stocked, Tian Hao must block it around. During the later period of cultivation, some duck feed should be fed properly. Ducks can be marketed in mid-to-late October.

Road Milk Tanker (Milk Tank trailer)5-60tons:

All the heads are one time moulding . And all the inner Rcorners are larger than 30mm.To ensure there is no right-angle inside the tank. the insulation layer PUF. Temperature raise less than 2°C within 24 hrs:

1.About the material: 

AISI/SUS 304-2B(S.S304)food grade stainless steel plate sheet ,inside shell 2.5-3mm / outer shell  2mm, one time molding heads.

2 .Special welding process :

TIG welding process, to obtain the good outlook and reduce the crack and pit. All surface can be polished shinning like mirror.

3.One time molding heads  and injecting PUF or use fiber glass.

And each compartment use double heads back-to-back which make sure every compartment heads smooth and no right-angle left,easy to wash.

Using polyurethane foam(PUF) /glass fiber to get better insulation ability, which has the perfect warmth keeping ability and ensure temperature raise not too fast

4.Milk out-let pipe and air vent

Each milk compartment has one set separate out-let pipe and air vent.out-let pipes which usesΦ50×2.0 polished stainless steel (sanitary parts), all pipes inside the insulation layer to make sure no frozen milk occurs in winter and no milk rotten in summer.

5.The CIP cleaning system

Equipment with automatic self-rotation ball(spray cleaning ball) inside the tank, and CIP joint in rear carbin.

6. Rear cabinet  for tools/pipe /pump/and milk sampling.

The lockable rear cabinet design make the tanker have a tidy general look.and convenient for use/you add other device( according yourdesign).

7.The design of the manhole cover

All the covers are Anti-Spillage design, to avoid the over flow and leakage of the milk from top cover.

8.The Top anti-skid platform.

Anti-skid platform on the top of tank body made of Aluminium alloy plate with skid-resistant surface. For safyty.the anti-skidplatform with Φ25mm handrails(S.S) of 250mm height.

9.The breath airway(air vent):

Air vent diameter no less than Φ120mm.

10 .The tank body design:

The scientific long axis and short axis design for tank body meets the hydrokinetics requirements and ensures the safety of vehicles.and we can design the tank according your trailer(truck) size.

11 .The chassis of the vehicle

The vehicle chassis standard FAW chassis.or we provide semi-trailer chassis according your demand.

road milk tanker

Road Milk Tanker

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