Spring must prevent celery heart rot

Celery heart rot is a common physiological disease in the production of spring celery. The celery grows at a tender point and the black tissue is dead. Subsequently, the celery root and some stems and leaves also died one after another. Its prevention methods are as follows: First, rational fertilization. Apply basic fertilizer and increase phosphorus and potassium fertilizers and boron fertilizer to cultivate robust plants to improve resistance to disease. Do not use nitrogen fertilizer and potassium fertilizer excessively to avoid the obstruction of boron absorption. Second, do not make the surface dry too much. Reasonable irrigation, not flood irrigation. At low temperatures, appropriate insulation and irrigation. Third, timely removal of the sick and physically dense planting, increase ventilation and transparency. Fourth, increase the application of boron fertilizer. Fifth, pharmaceutical control. The diseased plants were immediately removed and controlled with drugs to prevent spread.

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