Cow mobile breeding technology

Artificial breeding of cows is an important means of improving the herd. As technical personnel at grass-roots animal husbandry and veterinary stations, such as mastering this technology and being able to conduct in-depth breeding to farmers, will greatly increase efficiency and accelerate the improvement of rural herds. First, the instrument liquid nitrogen tank (preferably 3 liters), liquid nitrogen, frozen sperm (more convenient tube fine frozen), infusion gun (tube), thermometer, tweezers, scissors, 3 meters long rope. Second, operation 1. Sensitive cow of Baoding. Baoding with traditional yak method Baoding, that is, rope Baoding. Draw the cows onto a stable pile, fold the ropes in half and fasten it around the hooves and hanging hoofs of a cow's hind legs; then pull one end of the rope through the middle of the cow's two forelegs to the neck, and the other end from the forelegs. The outer side is pulled to the neck, and the neck is tightened at both ends of the rope to make the cow's hind limbs hang. In addition, use a string to lift the cow's tail and clean the genital area of ​​the cow with clean water. 2. Semen thawed. Prepare a suitable amount of warm water at 37°C to 42°C. Use a tweezers to remove a fine tube of frozen essence from a liquid nitrogen tank and dip it into warm water. Gently shake it for about 10 times. Remove the water droplets on the surface of the fine tube and cut off the seal. One end of the plug is inserted into the gun and the jacket is tightened. 3. Insemination. One hand is inserted into the rectum and the cervix is ​​grasped across the intestine wall. The arm is pressed down so that the vulva is open. The other inseminat gun, which is already on the fine tube, is inserted obliquely upwards from the vulva, and then goes down. Insert, so that insemination muzzle at the cervix mouth, has been inserted into the junction of the cervix and uterus, you can withdraw the semen as you inject semen. In order to ensure the conception rate, it is compounded once a day. 4. Clean up after surgery. Loosen the cows; clean the equipment and make a good package; sterilize the equipment after returning to the station and store it for future use. With the use of ropes, Baoding can be used to breed households and expand the allocated surface without affecting the health and fertility rate of the cows. This is highly welcomed by farmers.

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