How to distinguish between glutinous rice and glutinous rice

Barley and glutinous rice are the most commonly eaten rice, and there are certain differences in their characteristics and functions.

First, different characteristics

1, raw grain varieties

In botany, rice belongs to the undergraduate rice and belongs to the common rice subspecies in the common cultivated rice subgenus, which is divided into indica rice and indica rice. The glutinous rice is processed from japonica rice and the glutinous rice is processed from japonica rice.

Indica rice has a long grain shape, a length that is more than 3 times the width, flat, short and thin hair, generally no awns, rice husk is thin, belly white is larger, hard plasmid is less, fragile during processing, the rice rate is relatively low. Japonica rice is larger and shorter in chopped shape, its length is about 2 times of its width, its long and dense hair, long awns, thick rice hull, small or no abdomen, hard plasmids and high rice yield.

2, appearance and shape

The glutinous rice is generally oblong or slender, while the glutinous rice is oval. Although the glutinous rice is also elliptical, it is not as round as glutinous rice.

3, the requirements of broken rice

Insulated rice is easy to produce broken rice, so the requirements for broken rice content are different. The broken rice standard for fine glutinous rice is no more than 15%, while the broken rice standard for glutinous rice is not more than 30%.

4, nutrition into ingredients and taste

The nutritional content and taste of sticky rice and glutinous rice are very different. The protein content of glutinous rice is more than 8%, and that of glutinous rice is only 7%. The gel consistency of glutinous rice requires more than 70, and the requirement of glutinous rice is only more than 60. Therefore, glutinous rice is obviously more sticky than glutinous rice.

Second, the role of different

1, glutinous rice is suitable for dry rice, glutinous rice is suitable for porridge. The content of amylose and protein of glutinous rice is less than that of glutinous rice, and it is not as soft and delicious as glutinous rice. The consistency of glutinous rice is not enough, and the cooked porridge becomes sticky.

2, glutinous rice and glutinous rice combined with other drugs have a very good medicinal effect. Glutinous rice has a certain role in blood pressure and blood lipids, while glutinous rice has the effect of warming the stomach and promoting yang. With the advancement of science and technology, the deep value of glutinous rice and glutinous rice will be further developed.

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