How to deal with mushroom bag contamination

The bag should be turned 4-5 times during the indoor culture, the first time after 6-7 days of inoculation, and once every 7-10 days thereafter. Check bags of bacteria carefully when bagged and handle them in time.

I. Mild contamination: Sporadic punctate or filamentous micro-organisms were found only at the juncture of the bursa or at the creases. No contagious syringes could be used to draw 75% alcohol 50 ml plus 36% formaldehyde 30 Mix the milliliters of liquid, inject the victim, and gently massage the surface with your fingers, so that the liquid immersed in the bacteria, and then use adhesive tape stuck to the injection port.

Second, inoculation point contamination: bacteria invade the inoculated hole, and the mycelium is still in the growth stage, the mycelium on the mycelium growth not affect the bacteria bag, you can use 5-10% lime water supernatant, after using 50% The carbendazim solution is applied to the affected area, but it is not necessary to apply the shiitake mushroom mycelium.

If dead bacteria are found, they should be re-inoculated under aseptic conditions. The heavily contaminated bags of bacteria are basically covered with spots of miscellaneous bacteria. The bag should be taken and broken, mixed with 3% lime solution and stuffed overnight, spread and dried, re-dosed, bagged and sterilized, and then inoculated.

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