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In order to improve the quality of flowers and trees, in addition to cultivation techniques and varieties, they also need excellent production facilities, suitable substrates, and reasonable fertilizer supplies. China Garden Network May 20 news: To improve the quality of flowers and trees products, in addition to cultivation techniques and varieties of factors, but also need excellent production facilities, suitable substrate and a reasonable supply of fertilizer. The author briefly describes the impact of the three on the production of flowers and trees. Production Facilities China has a vast territory and spans multiple temperature zones. The establishment of flower and tree cultivation facilities that are compatible with the climatic conditions in various places is an important symbol of the modernization and commercialization of flower and wood production. Since the 1990s, China has introduced a number of foreign greenhouses. However, due to the lack of supporting production materials and imperfect production technology, most of the operating costs are too high and have not played its role. The greenhouses currently used in China are mainly of the following types: solar greenhouses, plastic greenhouses and modern greenhouses. Among them, the solar greenhouse can be divided into plastic film cover, PC board cover, glass cover, with or without auxiliary heating sunlight greenhouse; plastic greenhouse is divided into single, double plastic film cover, single, multi-span greenhouse; modern greenhouse can be divided into Polycarbonate plate, glass cover, double slope greenhouse and so on. Each type of greenhouse has its own characteristics. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of greenhouses. Do not blindly introduce them. Do not blindly pursue low costs. Only on the basis of adequate analysis of local climatic conditions, combine the technical requirements of production and cultivation of flowers and trees, select winter insulation and A greenhouse with a good cooling effect in summer can achieve an annual equilibrium production of greenhouses, reduce operating costs, and increase production efficiency. The traditional culture soil of the cultivation substrate is obtained by plant litter, animal manure and sand garden soil accumulation and decomposed. Because this kind of culture soil has a lot of organic matter, looseness and other advantages, it is the most important cultivation medium for traditional flower and tree production in China. However, this cultivated soil requires at least half a year's ripening time, and its nutrient composition is quite different, so it is difficult to adapt to large-scale, standardized, and commercial flower and tree production needs. In recent years, some of the more modernized flower and wood production enterprises in China have gradually adopted peat-based culture soil. China has a vast territory. Peat in the northeast, rot leaf soil, and coconut cocoon in the south are quite abundant. Making full use of these resources and carrying out specialized production in accordance with the basic requirements for flower and tree production are both an inevitable requirement for the development of the flower and wood industry and also related to flowers and trees. Industrial development provides a vast space. At present, the utilization rate of the new type of culture soil made from the above materials in the production of flowers and trees in China is not high enough to meet the needs of flowers and trees production. At present, most of the cultivated soils produced in China are primary products, lack of deep processing, and uneven quality and lack of industry standards. Therefore, in order to expand exports, China's flower and wood industry must solve the problem of cultivated soil. Fertilizer Fertilizers The main nutrient comes from the supply of fertilizers. In the face of numerous products, what kind of fertilizer is used is a big problem. For many years, fertilizers used in agricultural crops and fruit trees have been used in flower and wood production. These fertilizers have the disadvantages of a single fertilizer and ambiguous element content. Even if there are special fertilizers for flowers and trees in the market, some of them have not been elaborated. In addition, almost all plant growth regulators do not have reference data for use on flowers and trees, which can be quite dangerous when used. There are many special fertilizers in foreign flower and wood production, such as seedling-specific fertilizers, flower-feeding fertilizers, rooting fertilizers, etc., and the products are very small, which is worthy of our reference. The growth of flowers and trees must be followed by fertilizing, but topdressing must not be excessive, so slow-release fertilizers, ie, fertilizers that can slowly transport nutrients to the plants are required. At present, the gap between our country and foreign developed countries is not small. Therefore, our country's scientific research departments should devote more efforts to the study of slow-release fertilizers. In addition, the application of liquid fertilizers can not be ignored in the production of flowers and trees. Liquid fertilizers are mostly dedicated fertilizers for the growth and development of certain flowers and trees. The liquid fertilizer is made of soluble salts and urea as the main raw materials, and has the characteristics of quick effect, strong pertinence, accurate fertilizer ratio, and easy dilution, and is particularly easy to absorb on the leaf surface.

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