Foam Boxes for Growing Peanut Sprouts

Peanut sprouts are a new type of pollution-free high-grade vegetable dish newly developed. The peanut-based sprouts are produced using the new method of foam box soilless cultivation. They can be produced all year round. No fertilizers and pesticides are needed during the production process. No pollution. Now its production technology is introduced as follows:
1. Variety selection: The selection of small-grain peanut varieties requires the use of full-grown seeds of uniform size, no damage, strong germination potential and high germination rate.
2. Production site: The production of peanut sprouts requires strict temperature and humidity conditions. Generally, no light is required, but the air is required to be fresh and free, such as free living rooms or abandoned and empty rooms. In the winter season, greenhouses or plastic greenhouses can be used for heating.
3, foam box specifications: a variety of foam box can be, generally choose a length of 60 cm, 40 cm wide, 25 cm high box, requires a smooth bottom, drainage vents.
4. Seeding: Wash the seeds first and remove the seeds, seed coats and impurities floating on the water. Then soaked in warm water at 20 °C for 12-17 hours, the middle panning for clean water once. Place a layer of newspaper on the bottom of the foam box, spread clean river sand 2 cm thick, spread the soaked seeds evenly on the sand surface of the box, and then cover the foam box with a layer of black plastic film to keep warm, moisturize and shading . Keep the temperature in the box at 23-28°C, spraying 2-3 times a day.
5, Cultivation and management: After sowing 2-3 days, when the kind of bud grows by 1 cm, all buds without buds will be removed. The optimal temperature for the growth of peanut sprouts is 18-25°C. In summer, more water spray is needed to reduce the temperature, and in winter it is necessary to strengthen the heat preservation. During the growth period, watering is performed 3-4 times a day. It is advisable to use clean well water. Each time the amount of water is poured, all the shoots are soaked and the substrate is wetted. During the cultivation period, the interior should be kept dark and invisible light, otherwise the peanut buds will turn green and affect the appearance and taste.
6. Harvest: In the normal cultivation environment, from sowing to harvesting, it takes 7-8 days in summer and autumn, and 8-10 days in winter and spring. When the buds are 12-15 cm long, the top flaps are unfolded without cotyledons. , no rotten stems, no odor, no roots, you can harvest.

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