How high is the current cucumber desperate?

The current growth of cucumber pods is faster, coupled with a small temperature difference, the plant's stems and leaves grow faster. Some shanty households are afraid that they are desperate to get out of trouble, so they will fall too low (about 1.3 meters) at a time. Originally, they will have less melons to harvest. They will not collect melons after 5 to 7 days after falling down. There will be a lot of melons and sharp melons. And melon phenomenon. So how tall is it? The growth of cucumbers is phototaxis, and the plants are very long after the fall is too low, especially in the rear part of the shed. Therefore, the management should be based on the form of the shed body. When it is abandoned, it should be slightly lower on the south side and slightly higher on the north side, forming a gradient that will help the plants to receive the sunlight. When the height of the plant is too long for the management, it will fall out again and fall to about 1.5 meters. The leaves attached to the ground should be removed in time, but do not pick too much. Keep the plants with more than 15 leaves to meet the growing needs of the melon. Here, we must also emphasize that the leaves between the small rows of cucumbers must be pulled apart when they do not fight drug administration, so that the remaining leaves can receive sunlight, which is conducive to the normal growth of cucumbers.

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