Facing the Drama, Baoguo Bao Miao

At present, "Jiangxi's drought has hit the fishery, the reservoir has dried up in the bottom of the pond," and "the drought in Hubei has suffered severe drought, the Honghu Lake has seen no waves," "thirsty, thirsty and thirsty! The drought in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River has become rare." : Tanggu changed to land "....... This year is the driest year in history for more than 60 years. The drought devil is a serious threat to the production of jujube trees. Some annual jujube trees show dead and dead seedlings, and adult jujube gardens have a phenomenon of “defocused flowers”. To this end, we must remind farmers to take timely measures to increase the survival rate of newly planted jujube seedlings and the normal fruit setting rate of adult jujube trees. The newly-rooted jujube seedlings are not well-developed roots, and their water absorption capacity is not strong. If they cannot provide water in time under severe drought conditions, they will face a wide range of drought due to drought. Adult jujube tree lack of water during flowering will seriously affect the fruit setting rate.

The specific measures for drought protection, fruit preservation and seedling protection are as follows:

First, combined with foliar fertilizer spray:

Although jujube trees are strong in drought resistance, a lot of rainfall is not conducive to the production of jujube trees. However, if there is drought and water shortage, the growth and development of jujube trees are also adversely affected.

Jujube Spray: Jujube trees require 65%-70% relative soil moisture in the growing season. Especially during the rapid growth period of flowering and pre-hard nucleus fruit, it is very sensitive to soil moisture. When the relative soil moisture content is less than 55% or greater than 80%, the growth of young fruit is hindered and the fruit drop is serious. This is because the flowering period is in the period of rapid growth of various organs, and there is fierce competition for water and nutrients, and pollen germination of jujube requires greater humidity. Insufficient water results in poor pollination and fertilization, which reduces the fruit setting rate. The flowering period of jujube trees is not sufficient for water, and the phenomenon of "defocus flowers" is quite serious, resulting in a large number of falling flowers. In case of continuous drought during the flowering period, spraying water on the tree not only improves the fruit setting rate, but also the fruit develops rapidly.

Second, combined with ground irrigation and fertilization irrigation

After the first batch of flower blossoms reaches 90%, a ground dressing is to be carried out on the adult result tree by digging a shallow 10 cm deep groove at the drip line of the canopy and applying 0.3-0.5 kg of compound fertilizer to each groove. , timely irrigation after top dressing, irrigation volume of about 50 pounds. If you do not need to top-dressing, you should also use water for irrigation and furrow irrigation.

Third, the tree plate soil moisturizing: on the annual emergence of wilting jujube seedlings, first leave the seedlings to keep a short bud, and irrigation once, after irrigation, we must seize the time to do a good job of tree disk soil cultivation, soil thickness to exceed the seedling height of 1 cm The width of the earth is 50 cm above the ground and 30 cm at the top. The annual jujube that does not appear wilting should also be cultivated, which is about 5 cm higher than the original soil.

Fourth, the tree plate cover: In particular, the new plant jujube, straw, wheat straw, weeds and other objects can be used to cover the tree plate, the thickness of 10-15 cm, leave a gap of 20 cm dry weeks, covering the cover after Timely pest control.

Fifth, combined with the ground chasing and fertilizer application: For the annual tree, combined with the application of radix seed buds and urea or biogas slurry, etc., 5-7 days once. The urea concentration is 0.2-0.3% and the biogas slurry concentration is 50%.

6. Spray Tianda 2116: Once every 5 days during the dry period, apply 1000 times liquid “Tianda 2116” solution to the tree body. The use of Brassica Shuofeng 481 effect is better. The main role is to enhance the ability of the tree to resist disaster weather.

May 30, 2011

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