The method for judging the phytotoxicity of rice

At present, most people use pesticides in order to increase their effectiveness in the use of pesticides. However, if you use it, it is very easy to cause phytotoxicity. How to determine whether it belongs to phytotoxicity through investigation and analysis, now introduce the following methods:
1. Judging from the time of application and the amount of pesticide application: If the time of application of pesticides to control pests and diseases is 1 to 2 days after the rice is thrown in, it is more sensitive and prone to phytotoxicity. High doses of individual pesticide products are also prone to phytotoxicity.
2, check fertilizer water, soil status: After the drug irrigation too deep (immersion growth point), easy to produce injury. Check if the plants have poor growth symptoms due to improper fertilization or the application of unrefined organic fertilizer, or improper use of straw green manure.
3, check the pests and diseases situation: rice tuber thrips and rice roots and leaf root damage a rice plant will become dwarf clusters, the tip part of the tube rolled up and turn yellow, fibrous root short. The symptoms of rice dwarf disease are mainly yellowing and withering, and the plants are dwarfed. They begin to fade from the tip of the tip and appear broken plaques, but the veins remain green, and the leaves often show obvious yellow-green stripes. These conditions need to be distinguished from phytotoxicity.
4. Look at the situation of seedling growth before and after spraying: After normal inserting and throwing back of rice, if the abnormal symptoms occur after application, the adjacent seedlings of other varieties with the same tannin have normal growth, which may be phytotoxicity.

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