Fertilizer application is not as deep as possible

In an interview with Sunjiaji Street in Shouguang City, the master of vegetable farmers Wang told reporters: “I used a lot of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer when planting yam, and they all applied it to cultivation. However, the yam's growth is still relatively high. difference."
The reason for this situation is that Master Wang did not understand the characteristics of yam and caused by improper fertilization. The yams have a root length of about one meter, but the yam's absorption roots are relatively large, and they are mainly distributed in a 30-cm-tillage layer on the ground. The nutrients absorbed by these roots account for most of the nutrients absorbed by the yam, and they are located on the soil surface. The yam roots below 30 cm mainly play a fixed role, and their ability to absorb nutrients is weak.
Wang Shifu was too deep in applying the basal fertilizer so that the fertilizer used was concentrated too much in the underlying soil. The nutrient supply in the upper soil was insufficient, resulting in the yam's absorption roots could not absorb enough nutrients, while the roots in the lower part of the rhizomes were nutritional. Absorption capacity is low, resulting in bad yam growth. At the same time, the fertilizer is applied too deeply, the young root of the yam will meet the fertilizer when it is under the bar, and the tip of the rhizome will be burned, which will affect the yield and quality of the rhizome.
For Wang Shifu, due to improper fertilization, resulting in poor growth of yams, the reporter suggested that water pressure salt method should be adopted to reduce the content of fertilizer in deep soil to avoid poor root growth. At the same time, in order to promote the growth of yams, we must also pay attention to strengthening the post-fertilizer in order to ensure the demand of yam for nutrition and promote the growth of yams.

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