Early maturing cabbage and summer cabbage varieties - Ruigan 60

Ruigan 60 is a early-maturing Chinese summer cabbage variety cultivated by Zhenjiang Agricultural Science and Technology College in the hilly area of ​​Jiangsu Province. It is suitable for summer and autumn open cultivation in the province. The variety grows strong, heat-resistant, crack-resistant ball, strong resistance; plant height 29 cm, development degree of 51 cm, 15 to 16 leaves, leaves ball high flat, tight ball, crisp texture, commercial Good; single ball weighs 1.3 kilograms, ball height 12.5 centimeters, horizontal diameter 17.5 centimeters; central column length 6.5 centimeters, central column width 2.7 centimeters. The whole growth period is 94 days; the average yield is 4,200 kg. Cultivation points: (1) appropriate sowing. Nanjing is generally planted from late June to mid-July. (2) Proper close planting. Seedlings are planted with 5 to 6 true leaves at a spacing of 42 cm and a plant spacing of 40 cm. About 3500 plants are planted per acre. (3) Field management. Before ploughing, 3,000 kg of composted organic fertilizer was applied per mu, and 50 kg of compound fertilizer and superphosphate were made. After planting, plunge 1~2 times to ensure the live tree. Keep the soil moist during the growing season. Combined with watering and fertilization 3 to 4 times, mainly available nitrogen fertilizer. (4) Control of pests and diseases. During the growing season, it mainly controls downy mildew, black rot, black spot, cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth and aphids.

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