Summer chickens do a good job "three down"

1, cooling chickens without sweat glands, the body's heat can only rely on breathing loss, poor ability to adapt to high temperatures. When the temperature exceeds 25°C. The air curtain can be set at the air inlet to allow the hot air to cool before entering the house. This method can reduce the temperature by 5°C, and maintain the cooling time by 6-8 hours. When the temperature exceeds 30°C, you can use the high and low mist to rotate the nozzle sprayer to directly spray cool water to the room items or chickens every 2-3 hours. Spraying once can reduce the temperature of the house by 8°C.

2, lower energy that is to reduce the feed energy value. Tests have shown that when the temperature is above 25°C, the feed intake of broilers decreases by 1.6% for each 1°C increase in the house, and the energy level should be appropriately reduced to increase the protein level by 10%-15%. Plant protein can be used instead of animal protein feed. , It can reduce the greasy feeling of chickens and increase the multidimensional factors in the diet by 2 times. At the same time, granular feeds can be exchanged to increase palatability, increase feed intake, and increase total nutrient intake of broilers. During the hot season, it is best to feed at night. From 10 pm to 6 am the next morning is the coolest time for broilers to feed. The method is: appropriate increase in the brightness of the house, increase the excitability of broilers, feeding 4-5 times at night, and to maintain a strong appetite by vibrating drums to drive chickens and other measures. In addition, dry and unpolluted river sand can be used as a litter in summer to facilitate heat dissipation in broiler sand baths and chicken bodies, and to enable broilers to eat sand grains, which is beneficial to food digestion.

3, reduce the density that reduces the breeding density. The suitable density of broiler chickens in summer is 30-25/m2 for 7-14 days and 25-5/m2 for 21-28 days. It is advisable to use 300 animals per group, separated by fences.

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