Method for preparing cereal puffed food

80 parts of coarse corn flour, 20 parts of defatted corn germ, and 0.25 parts of calcium hydrogerminate were mixed and mixed with a Hobart mixer to add water so that the water content reached 18%. The mixture was placed for 2 h and placed in a 300 r/min Colette extruder. The extruder was equipped with a three-hole die with 19 mm long and 4 mm wide. The die temperature at the front of the die is 141°C. The pulverizate in the soft state is immediately compressed with a set of rollers having ovary depressions. After cutting off and drying, season with oil and salt. The product is crisp and has the flavor and texture of a crisp corn chip, but it is completely different from ordinary corn products made with a Colette extruder.

Compound Cereal Flour

Compound grain powder is a kind of powder product, which is made of all kinds of grain, coarse grain, legumes and medicine and food dual-purpose raw materials after grinding and refining. It is the general name of the whole grain powder products. Cereal flour works well for a wide range of people, from 9-to-5 office workers with erratic diets, making a delicious cereal drink a snap.
Features of compound grain powder
1. Unique aroma of natural grains
2. It is easier to be absorbed by the human body. In accordance with the nutritional needs of Asian people, the scientific proportion allows us to make full use of each portion of nutrition.
3. The effect of instant mixing is good, without adding any preservatives, flavors, pigments and other substances, so that we can use more at ease, eat more at ease!
4. Select new ingredients for autumn harvest and reject aged grains. Fresh food is rich in various vitamins, plant proteins and trace elements, so that everyone can drink healthy!

Compound grain powder is especially suitable for all kinds of obese people in a state of sub-health. It can not only make you thin, but also make you more beautiful. Obese people who are hungry, feel they are anaemic, have stomach problems, are too wet, and do not like to exercise can eat complex grain powder to improve their physical fitness and to slim down and have good skin.

Whole grain flour can be eaten in two ways. One is cornflour and the other is cooked flour. Cornflour can be added to cold water, cooked after eating; Cooked powder can be served directly with boiling water. Our category is ripe grain powder, ready-to-eat grain powder, can be a single variety of grain grinding, can also be a plurality of varieties of mixed grain grinding, support custom, send samples.

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