Duck egg disinfects before hatching

There are 100-300 bacteria on the shell of the freshly-produced duck eggs, which will reach 5000-6000 after 1 hour. Especially in the high-temperature season, the bacteria will multiply quickly and easily enter the eggs through the pores on the eggshell, causing pollution. If no disinfection is bound to affect incubation. Disinfection method can use 002% potassium permanganate or 5% benzalkonium bromide solution, with about 40 °C warm water preparation washing eggs, after hatching, hatching, disinfectant should be frequently replaced, with the current use, can also use formalin fumigation Disinfection, use 28 ml of formalin per square meter, 14 g of potassium permanganate, fumigation for 20 minutes, then open the doors and windows, remove the gas as soon as possible.

Veterinary Drug

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