How to manage pigs with due date

1. Appropriate exercise: Stop long-distance exercise 1 week before delivery, and instead move around in a pig house or sports ground to avoid miscarriage or stillbirth caused by intense chase and collision.

2. Removal of ectoparasites: If a sow is found on a sow, use a solution of 2% trichlorfon for spraying to prevent it from being transmitted to piglets after delivery.

3. Moved into the delivery room: The sow was moved to the delivery room 3 to 5 days before delivery, making it familiar with and accustomed to the new environment, and avoiding fetal suffocation and death caused by intense tossing before labor. However, do not move the sows into the delivery room prematurely to avoid contaminating the production circle and reducing the sow's physical strength.

Addition and subtraction of feed: If the sow has a good sensation, and the breast enlargement is obvious, then the amount of feed should be gradually reduced in the first week of prenatal work, and 1 to 2 days before the prepartum, minus half of the diet; and to reduce the coarse material, slag, etc. Volumetric feed, so as not to oppress the fetus, or cause constipation in prenatal sows affecting delivery. Stop feeding at the time of finding labor symptoms, as long as bean cake bran soup. If sows have poor lyrical condition and their breasts are dry, they should not only reduce their feed but must also feed soybean cakes and other protein prolactin feeds to prevent the sows from having milk after delivery.

5, pay attention to observation: 1 week before the sow should pay attention to observing the dynamics of sows at any time, to strengthen nursing care, prevent premature birth, no accident, such as accidental delivery.

6, change the feed: sows 10 to 15 days before birth, and gradually change the feeding lactation diet, to prevent sudden changes after birth, indigestion and piglets diarrhea.

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