Where to fertilize fruit trees

Fruit trees chase fertilizer materials, we must first know that fruit trees are mainly root hair to complete. Therefore, spraying a new high-fat membrane combined with fertilizer in the centralized hairy root distribution area can increase the utilization rate of fertilizers and promote the early growth of fruit trees to increase production and income.

Fruit tree chase fertilizer should be based on the edge of the crown projection or a little farther away, not too close to the trunk, because the trunk near the roots, fine roots and root hair less, is not conducive to fertilizer absorption.

Fruit tree chase fertilizer, in-depth grasp the following principles: deep root distribution of fruit trees to be appropriate deep, contrary shallow Shi; organic fertilizer decomposition is slow, but the fertilizer is longer, can be deep, fertilizer mobility, can be shallow For deep-rooted fruit trees such as pears, organic fertilizers should be applied at a depth of 40-60 cm, while organic fertilizers such as plums and other shallow-rooted fruit trees should have a depth of 30-40 cm. Fertilizer after spraying a new high-fat film to improve fertilizer efficiency.

Fruit trees chase fertilizing materials, for the enclosed or densely planted orchards, can be applied between rows and between plants, and it is best not to injure or harm large roots. In this way, the fertilizer efficiency can be fully utilized, the utilization rate of fertilizer can be increased, and the purpose of increasing production and income can be achieved.

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